Stagecast Creator

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Краткое описание языка
Компетенции в каких сферах формирует Empowered Learner, Computational Thinker
Парадигмы программирования
Возрастная категория
Назначение языка (Общее / Учебное) Мини-язык для обучения
Visual_Text_Blocks Блоки-Иконки
Измерение (2D/3D/Tangible) 2D
Открытость продукта Открытый
Предки (Ancestors)
Потомки (Descendants)
Активность в данный момент Project is active
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Stagecast Creator is a visual programming language intended for use in teaching programming to children. It is based on the programming by demonstration concept, where rules are created by giving examples of what actions should take place in a given situation. It can be used to construct simulations, animations and games, which run under Java on any suitable platform.

Measuring the learning of computational concepts by examining the games created (instead of setting separate tests) has been used to indicate the promise of other languages. A study of games created by middle-school girls using Stagecast Creator suggests that they demonstrate an understanding of computer science concepts.