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Описание датасета Pokemon with stats
Описание полей ID for each pokemon
  1. Name: Name of each pokemon;
    Type 1: Each pokemon has a type, this determines weakness/resistance to attacks;
    Type 2: Some pokemon are dual type and have 2;
    Total: sum of all stats that come after this, a general guide to how strong a pokemon is;
    HP: hit points, or health, defines how much damage a pokemon can withstand before fainting;
    Attack: the base modifier for normal attacks (eg. Scratch, Punch);
    Defense: the base damage resistance against normal attacks;
    SP Atk: special attack, the base modifier for special attacks (e.g. fire blast, bubble beam);
    SP Def: the base damage resistance against special attacks;
    Speed: determines which pokemon attacks first each round;
Форматы данных CSV
Область знаний Образование
Веб-сайт - ссылка на датасет https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokedex
Примеры использования датасета
Год создания датасета 2023

Полный исходный датасет - https://disk.yandex.ru/d/HxyhQGLyWF6R3A