Media MOO

Материал из Поле цифровой дидактики
Описание сообщества Сообщество учителей в мире текстовом объектно-ориентированном многопользовательском мире. Одно из первых образовательных сообществ
Создатели и эксперты Bruckman
Год запуска 1992
Год закрытия 2001
Численность 1000
Рамка Место связности, Социальный объект
Поясняющее видео
Адрес сообщества
Формируемые в сообществе компетенции
Инструмент язык Media MOO
Цель сообщества Обмен знаниями использования медиа средств в образовании
Социальный объект цифровой учебный объект

Bruckman A., Jensen C. The Mystery of the Death of MediaMOO // Building Virtual Communities: Learning and Change in Cyberspace. 2002. P. 21.

MediaMOO opened to the public in January 1993, and as of October 1996 had 1000 members from 35 countries. From the start, MediaMOO was intended as a kind of rehearsal for MOOSE Crossing. It was my first experience applying constructionist ideas to the design of a virtual community. Throughout this thesis, I will occasionally refer to MediaMOO and design principles learned through the MediaMOO project.

Making objects gives individuals opportunities for creative expression. inally, objects can be as much an expression of self as personas. Arjun Appadurai writes about how much you can tell about a family by the objects in their home. The same is true in the virtual world. You can tell a lot about a person by the things they chose to buy in the real world, and even more by the things they chose to make in the virtual world. Creating objects provides opportunities for self expression, creative play, and learning through design.

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