Making Scratch Crash

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There are several methods to make Scratch crash.

One way of making Scratch crash is making a variable or list that will double itself, forcing the Scratch project to lag and then freeze or crash. These methods of making Scratch crash are almost guaranteed. Шаблон:Note

Script methods

Variable Method

when flag clicked
set [variable v] to (. . .::grey)::variables // Set this to anything that is not empty
  set [variable v] to (join (variable) (variable))

List Method

when flag clicked
add (. . .::grey) to  [list v]::lists // Set this to anything that is not empty
  add (list) to [list v]

Clone Method

when gf clicked
create clone of (myself v)

when I start as a clone
create clone of (myself v)
delete this clone


Uploading an image to the Paint Editor that has a large resolution will crash the Paint Editor window, but other parts of the editor can still be used.


Шаблон:BYOBimgs In the Scratch Modification BYOB / Snap!, a simple recursive block can be used to freeze the program:

{Freeze Snap!::grey stack}::events hat
warp {
Freeze Snap!::grey
}::grey stack

Alternatively, this script does not need a defined block:

run ({run (src) with inputs (src) @delInput @addInput::control} input names: ((src)::grey) @delInput @addInput::ring grey) with inputs ({run (self) with inputs (self) @delInput @addInput::control} input names: ((self)::grey) @delInput @addInput::ring grey) @delInput @addInput::control