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Год создания датасета 2023

  1. ID
  2. Title
  3. User_ID
  4. User_Name
Обработка данных -

Название Автор
Forensic science snowleopard436
Ops. GearOnTop
Stevey: The Detective Dog! rice_is_nice76
Find the clues ZBrookXD
Detective Jim St0n-E_Banj0
purple boi goes to jail deezloveezer
Detective Yoshi (Rap) AcePilot19
The Case [2nd Case] LucasBN
Detective bear -NOT_ALLA-
Open the mystery box -NOT_ALLA-
World Detective MrHill26
The Battle with the Boss - Multiplayer Scrolling Platformer and Boss Fight AfterShowerandLunch
The Capture of the Platformer Criminal AfterShowerandLunch
The Mystery of the Platform Sabotage AfterShowerandLunch
What animal is that? Phrontistery
The murder of age county - demo SUPERKNORRETJE
Detective mohidkingcode
Summer Detective Club: The Aquatic Mystery Ch. 1 ChipStudios
the worst dectective 29mrever18
very good detective dean_codes
Turnabout Templemiss [DEMO] Pixelated_Pickax
Detective remix Piaulo46
Where did the pumpkin go? Chumie
Who oofed Big Joe? (Detective Catbert ep. 1) [SOLVED] aaronleal2
Scratch Mystery {Part 1} ScratchMentors
Detective ffred
THE NUT DETECTIVE! SwiftyFoxStudios87
Detective Aquadrop
Sherlock Holmes: The Game TheBurlyCoconut
Scrunch Detective Castle_Hippopotamus
Detective Pingu AlguienContento
The cookie qianshao
Detective Gumshoe's Theme (SDS) GottaCatchEmAll2023
YES OR NO #ALL #games progamerrj
Very hard detective puzzle stalin20
The escape® joawer11
Flames In The Sky - Chapter 3 DevilTheGhostbuster
Lost And Found (Coming Soon: More Levels) Baibai8
Escape room NeonSkull723
Detective Bob- A Platformer-Mobile friendly lmusal22
Would you be a Good Detective? Lunaundo
An Among Us Mystery: A Choose Your Own Adventure Game (Part 1) mic291
Detective: The game goldenbee123
The Amazing Adventures of Detective Joe Worm bookish78
detectives Bboy12317
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE makaid_waterford
Detective Yoshi 5 (Rap) AcePilot19
Encoder & Decoder v2.0 oliviafunnygiggle
AMONG US story mode FLAME707
The Soda! Ep 7 #Animation AdripyFox_Animates
▪️DISCOVER▪️A Sherlock Holmes Adventure No.1▪️ Blue_Python68
Detective music rpaul42
Murder Mystery -BillTheDuck-
EP3 Detective Gobo BananaSharklover
Thám tử lừng danh Conan - Tập N - Bí ẩn ngôi nhà của Meo Meo - Trọn bộ Conan icanstar36
猫探偵は間違った baned-
Hollow detective --MRQ--
Mystery 101 RANT Cocoa_Mocha3
Detective Yoshi 4 (Rap) AcePilot19
stickboy muder mistery full game desteryh
the missing lunch box raccon-world
Detective - The platformer hongocphucbao
scratch cats mystery raccon-world
Detective Yoshi 3 (Rap) AcePilot19
AGENT A~ An Interactive Story staceylodge
Escape Room lvl. 1 staceylodge
detective blob jojopantos
The Cake Mystery Chickfila620899
Detective Yoshi 2 (Rap) AcePilot19
Detective world NatRoy1108
Who took her? gg123210