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Описание Как создавать и использовать комбинации дополнительных клавиш?
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Additional keys are keys that are not normally accessible through key sensing block drop-down menus, but are detectable using workarounds. Some of the keys involve punctuation and the enter button.


Here are the following methods to have additional keys:

Method 1

One common way of accessing the keys is by custom inputs, such as utilizing the join block:

<key (join [enter] []) pressed? >

Method 2

Another method is setting a variable to a key, and for the code to check if that key was clicked.

set [key v] to [] // can be any key except Ctrl, Command, Alt, Option, Shift, and Tab
if <key (key) pressed?> then
. . .

Method 3

Another method of obtaining additional keys is by editing the project JSON file to point the input to a new value with a text editor, specifying an arbitrary value instead of one of the drop-down options.