Text Engine

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Text Engines have several uses in Scratch. One common reason a text engine is used for dialog.

Creating The Engine


The code is fairly simple, but a little hard to follow/understand.

define Player Dialogue Block (Text) (Text Timer)
set [Numbers# v] to (1)
set [Word v] to ()
repeat (length of (Text))
change [Numbers# v] by (1)
say (join (Word) (letter (Number#) of (Text)
set [Word v] to (join (Word) (letter (Number#) of (Text)
wait (0.05) seconds
wait (Text Timer) seconds//how long the text is displayed
say ()
  • There is an issue with this custom block. When a character talks, it will chop out the first letter of the text. To fix this issue, add a space before the text. If that does not work, add another letter to it.