How to Make a Toggle

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Шаблон:Expand Toggles are used to turn sound off and on, control a Sprite, and more. This tutorial will list two methods on how to make a toggle.

Method 1

This method uses the when this sprite clicked hat block to sense if the sprite is clicked. This one needs two Costumes, both of an on and off switch.

set [toggle v] to [off]

when this sprite clicked
if <(toggle) = [off]> then
set [toggle v] to [on]
switch costume to [on v]
set [toggle v] to [off]
switch costume to [off v]

Method 2

The same effect can be achieved with this script, using numerical values and logical operations to toggle between 0 (being off) and 1 (being on):

when gf clicked
set [toggle v] to [0]
when [space v] key pressed
set [toggle v] to <(toggle) = [0]>
if <(toggle) = [1]> then
. . . // toggle is on
. . . // toggle is off